Advanced Classes are designed to help students prepare for their Black Belt Dan (degree) tests.

These classes are required for students who are Purple Belt and higher preparing for their 1st Degree Black Belt and for students within 6 months of each additional black belt degree.

In some martial arts all you need to do to earn your Black Belt is perform your most current techniques. At Higher Calling Martial Arts, we want to insure that all of your skills are continually improving so we require students to be able to perform all patterns and speed drills up to your current rank as well as perform Defense Drills, Shield Attack, and Power Test.

These classes consist of reviewing and perfecting all patterns and speed drills focusing on performing all techniques to each student’s best ability. We also work on Defense Drills, Shield Attack, and Power Test. This class is run at a much higher intensity to also work on student’s stamina and endurance as a Black Belt test can take as long as 4 hours.

Master Jackson does allow, on a student by student basis, some students who are not yet Purple Belt in rank to attend these classes. Students who want more of a challenge and who have the attention span to make it through this class are often welcomed to attend as are all students who are the rank of Black Belt or higher.