We teach a modern and sophisticated martial art that has its history in the Korean martial arts that focus on full body, sequential motion, with techniques designed to better our bodies and not break them down.

The curriculum we use has been created allowing the average individual to achieve a greater level of health and well-being so they can live happier healthier lives for years to come. It does not matter what age you are or any limitations you might have, you can benefit from our training.

The movements of this martial art were adapted from a traditional style to a more sophisticated, modern way which follows scientific and bio-mechanical principles. Thus, the kicking and punching techniques generate maximum power through sequential motion without the damaging effects of twisting or locking out joints that other martial arts use. HCMA uses modern training methods, which are highly effective yet completely practical. It is user-friendly from ages 4+ and is proven to be very beneficial especially for older individuals well into their 80's and 90's. Several benefits derived from participation in this martial art program include: health benefits, (physically and mentally); increased confidence and situational awareness; improved longevity as a result of the utilization of natural body movements; increased muscle elasticity; and increased brain capacity by contralateral stimulation. We are always aware of the potential for injury and teach classes in a way where there is no competition, but rather students work as partners to help each other become the best martial artist each of us can be. When students put on saftey gear and face one another we do drills called "defense drill". This is in place of what some martial arts call "sparring". The diffrence is that students are working together in a controlled environment to help grow and benefit both students ranther than "beat" the other student. With the progression of belt ranks, students become more flexible, stronger, more coordinated, all while developing greater stamina and endurance. Optimum health is a key component to our training. This is a martial art that can be performed by and benefit all ages no mater what limitations you might have. All student strive to do their very best and the curriculum can be adapted to meet each student's special needs at any given point.

Personal growth is also an integral part of our training. Focusing on our Principles of Humility, Integrity, Gentleness, Perseverance, Self-Control and Unbreakable Spirit helps students of all ages continue to grow in their own personal character. Student’s self-confidence and self-worth are increased as they see their techniques improving and are promoted through the belt ranks. As students become more self-confident their leadership skills naturally increase. Leadership skills are something that will help all students in so many areas of their lives. We are all fearfully and wonderfully created by God and we all have our own purposes. Students thrive in our environment as we help our students to set individual and specific goals, help them achieve those goals, and then continue to set new goals.  This environment is especially helpful to those students who have unique special needs.  We never compare one student to another; students are encouraged to become the best that they be based on their abilities. When a student trains at Higher Calling Martial Arts, they are not just a student, they become part of a positive caring family where we all lift each other up, encouraging each other to be our very best!

We teach practical self-defense, always focusing on avoiding situations when necessary and never being an instigator who is looking for any type of trouble. If a student can not avoid a physical confrontation, we teach to first be on the defensive, however if offensive techniques are needed, we train with techniques that are strongly effective. Using full body sequential motion and follow through on all of our techniques, you do not need to be extremely large or strong to be incredible effective and powerful.  All of our techniques are performed to each student’s abilities regardless of age or potential physical challenges. We have a saying that we say often, “PIL SEUNG”.  The actual translation is “certain victory”.  It means to be victorious within ourselves. Simplified for our younger students, it means “to always do our best and never give up” - in all areas of life.