Assistant Instructors

The requirements for certifying for Assistant Instructor are:

  •  Be at least 14 years old 
  •  Be at least Gold Belt Rank
  •  Have a goal to become a Black Belt
  •  Desire to work on leadership skills, be a good role model, and to help students achieve their goals
  •  Act appropriate as a member of a leadership team by being a good example both in and out of the dojang.
  •  Attend an Assistant Instructor Certification Class
  •  Attend Instructor Training classes at HCMA
  •  Write an age appropriate short essay on why they would like to become a Black Belt, a leader, and an Assistant Instructor
  •  Obtain a character recommendation letter from a non-related adult (if younger than 18)

The requirements and benefits of being an Assistant Instructor are:

  •  Required to attend at least 2 classes per week for training
  •  Required to stay competent in all past curriculum
  •  Required to be available to assist in at least on classes per week
  •  Required to be available to assist at monthly testing
  •  Attending special Instructor classes at HCMA dojang
  •  Allowing leadership skills learned at HCMA to transfer to other areas of life
  •  Wearing an all blue uniform
  •  Test monthly if requirements are met and competent with rank requirements