Higher Calling Martial Arts is a Christian family owned and operated Martial Art School. 

Master Chris Jackson and her family had been searching for a martial art to train where they could learn a martial art that would benefit their health, be effective in self-defense, and help them continue building their character traits. They also wanted to make sure that leadership would have similar views and convictions as they had as a Christian family. They did not want to be part of an art that had any eastern mysticism influences. It was in 2007 that they found a school owned by a Master Instructor that finally fit the bill. 

For the first three years the Jackson family trained, they trained beneath their personal Master Instructor as well as with other Master and Grandmaster Instructors. During this time the family progressed through the belt ranks as well as leadership roles within the school. Mrs. Jackson and her husband, Mr. Tony Jackson, became Certified Assistant Instructors and Head Instructors. Their son entered into the STORM (Special Team of Role Models) Team, then became a Certified Assistant Instructor, Their daughter entered into the Black Belt Club, then STORM Team, and ultimately became a Certified Assistant Instructor.

In 2010 Mrs. Jackson felt she was led to be more than just a Head Instructor position.  She felt called to open her own school where she could allow God to minister to those who might not otherwise be able to take martial arts either due to financial reasons or other personal challenges they might be facing. All the glory and honor would be and still is given to our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  It was at this time that she became the Owner and Chief Instructor of her first school. She had the complete support of her family who has played very integral roles in the school. Her husband continued on as a Head Instructor and CFO. Their son certified as a Head Instructor and also became the school’s Information Technology Administrator and design specialist. Their daughter remained an Assistant Instructor, This was the birth of Acworth Choi Kwang Do. The Jackson Family has continued has to train and over the next 16 years, they have had the privilege of mentoring over 1000 students and about 140 students to various black belt levels from 1st degree to 5th degree.  

In 2019, the organization that ACKD was affiliated with unfortunately went through some managerial changes. This shift in management also brought changes in the philosophies, ethics and morals, and also the curriculum. The Jackson’s felt continuing this affiliation would conflict with the vision, purpose, and philosophy of their school.  After much prayer and consideration, Mrs. Jackson held a meeting with the school’s seven Head Instructors to discuss what God might be calling them to do.  It was unanimous, they felt a need to sever their relationship and go a different direction. In April 2019, the affiliation was ended and the school began a new journey – still with the same calling in mind but with an even greater vision. This was the beginning of Higher Calling Martial Arts! Mrs. Jackson had a dream one night revealing the name Higher Calling Martial Arts, with the focus being that she and the school were being called to a higher purpose. As the vision was shared with the school's current students and families, the response was outstandingly positive, continuing to confirm the decision. 

Higher Calling Martial Arts is also now affiliated with and recognized within the Christian Martial Arts Council which is an amazing organization with like mindedeness to the calling that Mrs. Jackson has had since 2010!

At this point in time, Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Tony Jackson, and Mr. TJ Jackson are all still active in the school and are now Master (5th Degree) Instructors. 

The instructors and students of Higher Calling Martial Arts are committed to humbly follow God’s direction while maintaining integrity and giving all the honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.